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COWL-00006 and VENT-00003 on 37iS/U-18


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Working on fitting the two inlets. Are those two pieces supposed to be trimmed? There's scribe lines on them, but the instructions don't mention trimming and they seem to fit just fine untrimmed. Seems like the more surface area I leave, the better the adhesion will be.

What did you do?
I had the same question several months ago.

The KAI has no instructions to trim the vent flanges. Plus the "as is" flange size provides plenty of area to get a solid epoxy connection to the cowl itself. I epoxied the vents without out any trimming and it turned out fine.
p.s. - Careful application of packing tape to the exterior facing and exterior side/corners vent areas (and smoothing same with something like a popsicle stick) will save you unnecessary sanding of dried epoxy. The smallest rotary sander on your Dremel tool is useful after pulling the packing tape off and for hard to reach areas.
I just went ahead and did it without trimming. Seemed to work fine. Now I have to wait for the epoxy to cure so I can take the cowl off and see how much sanding I need to do. :)