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Cherry rivet question


I have just installed tail wheel mount and discovered it is near impossible to buck the lower rivets on the aft rib. Having checked this forum, I am not alone, and most have used cherry CR3212-4 rivets. My question is how to accomodate the countersunk head of the cherry rivet, as the dimples are 3/32.Is there some way to create a 1/8 dimple with the skin attached?
universal head

I haven't built a tailwheel airplane and don't know where this rivet goes exactly. Is it possible to substitute a universal head cherry max rivet? If it is out of the way and won't interfere with movement of components, maybe no one will know but you. That way you can avoid the dimple. Just a thought, however if it is located in an area that will be way too obvious and stand out like a sore thumb, forget my suggestion and maybe someone who has done this before will give a better suggestion. take care.

I just noticed that you already had a 3/32 dimple in that location so my suggestion might not be that good. There are some 3/32 pop rivets, but not cherry max. Maybe one of those would work.
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I'm not sure exactly where you're talking about as I'm not a tailwheel builder, but I think you have two decent options assuming we're talking about an exterior-skin-to-rib joint:

1. Drill to 1/8 and dimple "in assembly" with a pop-rivet dimpler.

2. Drill to 1/8 and countersink. Success will depend on skin thickness and how much of the smaller dimple remains after drilling. My guess is that you won't have much to spare, and would try #1 first.

You could also try some combination of the two if you can't get #1 to form a good enough dimple.

Universal heads, or using a 3/32" cherry are also possible but suboptimal IMHO.
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Reduced head CherryMax rivets...

There is a reduced head (similar to "oops" rivets) CherryMax available... has a #30 body and a countersunk head near that of a standard 3/32 rivet.

Check the CherryMax web pages....

gil A
Cherrymax sizes

The smaller head ones Gil refers to are cr3214-4-x part numbers. x being the grip length:)
Thanks all, can't get pop-rivet dimpler access, skin too thin to machine countersink. Spruce only have 1/8 cherry in catalogue so I figured there was no 3/32 countersink cherry. I will search other supply shops.
Simple solution here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cherry does list a reduced head 1/8" dia CherryMax but good luck finding it and paying a ridiculous price for it.

The solution is simple.

Make your own............................

Take a standard 1/8" CherryMax, remove the mandrel, sand down the head of the rivet until it is the same size as the 3/32 head. Re-assemble the modified CherryMax and install.

Make sure you choose the right grip length for your application.

I used my drill press as my "lathe". Using a file and then some emery cloth I was able to modify the CherryMax in only a few minutes.

Problem solved.

Paul (RV-7A finishing)
Why not unbolt the tail wheel mount, slide it up out of the way then rivet. Then put the mount back in position.

I will have my warehouse folks package up some of the CR3214-4-2 and cr3214-4-3 into packages of 10ea.

This has been an on-going concern for an item like this to get out there in the smaller user qtys.

Yup, the will cost more per ea with the smaller package, but it should help get a few more birds in the sky!

Check my webstore tommorow, and give us time to re-bag some goodies.
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Smaller packages available.

Check my webstore they are in the system, and give us time to re-bag some goodies.

If you are familiar with our site.

On the left side menu go to

Rivets, and then


select from the dropdowns.

part# CR3214-4-2PKG/10 and/or part# CR3214-4-3PKG/10

If you have not used our site and would like the ten cent tour (fee waived) go to


Have fun, this should help.
Availability of 3/32" Flushhead Cherry Rivets CR3214 or Equivalent

I called Genuine Aircraft Hardware and didn't have any luck getting the small packages of 10 of the CR 3214 cherry rivets that's discussed in a previous post by their president. They quoted standard paks of 100 on the phone, and the website defaults to quantity of 10 when you try and order a pak of 10. Sorry if that's the intent at GAH, It's not been implemented.
Anyone else have a line on the CR 3214 cherry rivet (3/32 flushhead 1/8" body), or a small 3/32' flush head rivet from a supplier that has reasonable prices and no or small minimum order requirements? The only thing I see available that is reasonable and readily available is a steel nutplate rivet. :confused:
Availability of 3/32" Flushhead Cherry Rivets CR3214 or Equivalent

You are awesome. Just ordered some. These babies are tough to find. The listed price is a bargain too as compared to some prices I was quoted for for a minimum qty of 100. Thanks again!!!!
I got some for myself....

You are awesome. Just ordered some. These babies are tough to find. The listed price is a bargain too as compared to some prices I was quoted for for a minimum qty of 100. Thanks again!!!!

...before I posted....:D

UPDATE - the e-bay rivets are fine, and the seller had quick delivery, and only one shipping charge for several different packs I bought.
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