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Cargo tie-down


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More than a few of us RV8 builders realized after the fact that there really isn’t a good way to tie down stuff in the aft baggage compartment of a -8. The tie downs shown in the plans up at the top were puzzling.

Steve Cogswell from Corona came up with this approach. 1x1x 1/16” angle.


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AN-42 A eyebolts for tiesdowns

I like that solution a lot!!!!Especially as a solution once installed….I decided to try AN-42A eyebolts in the corners, with some sort of small doubler or small angle and an anchor nut underneath. Hole in eyebolts small but big enough, and is removable when not needed. Planning to put 1 in each corner. Somewhere you can also find pretty eyebolts made of stainless if you don’t mind the galvanic corrosion on the margin.

Note: Somewhere on this forum there’s a post which indicated those eyebolt tie downs in the upper front corners (where there is a horizontal triangular support) are for the wing tie downs when not in use! Mildly interesting/neat idea but confusing.
Aft Baggage tie down

I have used these tiedown rings in both of my RVs, RV 9a and now the RV8 with no problems. I like them, they are very sturdy and easily detachable.



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Tie downs

Neat idea.
I replaced four of my floor nutplates with 10-32 and bought four nice stainless tie down rings. I slipped rubber gaskets on each.
Stainless straps and a cargo net with clips so it can be removed.


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