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Brantel RV-12IS Build Thread

Yes, my emp/tailcone kit was full of LCP’s. Only two of the red category though.

On the high school's RV-12iS that I mentor, they had the same four listed. Two on the parts were still in the blue and the dates showed they were okay. One was assembled and I inspected it and it, too was okay. The remaining part failed the inspection (10x magnification) and clearly was LCP.

I asked the teacher to get a replacement for just that one and a week later he had all four, brand new, in hand. So they are shipping.

On this day of so much gloom and doom, I did the only thing that I could do in this situation and went out and finished my seat backs!

I’ve got a finished emp/tailcone, soon to be finished fuse, a wing kit begging to be assembled and a finish kit on order. I’m all in and trust that Vans will be around long after I am gone.


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Fuse kit is done!

With the exception of the fuel tank, my fuse kit is done!

This kit definitely earns its nickname of the “Nutplate Kit”!


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Fuel tank finished!

Finished up the fuel tank yesterday! The simple design of the RV-12IS fuel tank makes it pretty easy to complete vs the RV7 fuel tanks. Those took me about a month to complete them both. This tank took me only 3 work sessions to assemble. I ended up using 2.25 sealant cartridges. Wasted 3/4 of one :( I could have gotten by with 2 cartridges but had to break up my work sessions due to available time. Installed the SB port as well!

Will need to pressure test it after a week or so of curing. I inspected it pretty good inside on all the corners before putting the access hatch on. Also used a bright light inside the tank in the dark to look for possible leak paths. It is amazing that these things don't leak like a sieve considering the number of penetrations and the miniscule area for sealant on each of them. On my 7 I filleted each rib and coated over all the rivet tails on everything but the rear baffle where that is not possible. On the 12IS tank, its not possible on most of the bottom skin so I did not bother with that for this tank. The KAI's don't include that step either so I guess I will just trust the process.....


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