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Beringer Anti Skid Parking Brake


I’ve reached the point in my tailwheel build where I am fitting the brake system inside the fuselage. After much research I’ve chosen to go with the full Beringer kit.

The Beringer manual shows the ALIR anti skid regulator should be mounted on the rudder pedal centre brace. In my set up I can’t mount it there because the bracket they supplied causes the regulator to interfere with the firewall recess.

So I made a bracket to mount the regulator on the left rudder block instead…


I like this position because it also means the hoses don’t double back on themselves from the left pedals back to the centre brace then back to the parking brake.

However, this does mean I can’t put the parking brake on the left pedal block as per the original Beringer layout.

So instead I’m thinking of mounting the parking brake on the firewall like this http://www.go-7.co.uk/const/Matco/index.htm

I’ve Googled and searched all over VAF but I can’t find anyone that’s had this issue.

Has anyone else installed the full Beringer system? Have you also had this issue? Do you have any pictures of your regulator and parking brake install?

Thanks all.
I know it means a very slight "double back" of the fluid lines, but what about mounting your ALIR on the sloped section of the firewall recess?

I ended up placing my starter/master solenoids on a plate fixed to that surfrace. I started by riveting a couple of 0.063" angles onto the recess at either side of centerline. The angles have anchornuts riveted to them on the inside. Then made up a plate that sits parallel to the recess and mounted the items on this plate. It's then a very easy job to remove the plate and anything fitted to it for maintenance in future.

I'll can try and find some photos if that would help?

Those brake servos are sexy as heck.
Here is how we did the RV14A---per the Beringer plans. ALIR valve mounted on the Beringer provided bracket on the center pedal bar support.
The RV7/9 install is similar. YES, using the PB valve mounted on the left pedal bar longeron does require some longer hose runs, but we;ve found it was no issue. ( When bleeding the brakes, eat lunch first---might take a while even with a pressure bleeder). We messed with mounting the ALIR under the left pedal bar mount, PB valve above and ALIR below, be there was some clearance issues we weren't happy with.

Maybe one of these days we'll come up with an integrated modular mount to place both the ALIR and the PB Valve really close together, AND allow access to the ALIR for adjustments.



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I didn't install the ALIR. My PB valve is mounted to a home brew bracket in the middle so the cable has a straight run. Vans reservoir in the usual place FWF.
No doubt I'll regret no using the ALIR but I didn't like the additional points of leakage or failure. My brake lines are one section from PB all the way to the calipers