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Beringer and Aircraft Specialty Year End Promotion and "Thank you."

Aircraft Specialty

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From Tom and I, and the rest of the Aircraft Specialty Flightlines team, we would like to sincerely thank each and every RV builder/owner for allowing us to be part of your builds.

As the events occurring in the industry move forward, we are going to be looking for ways to give back to the VANS community. We are starting out with a joint promotion with Beringer. We have a limited number of complete Beringer Wheel and Brake kits for the RV10/14/14a in stock and available.

While supplies last, we are going to be including a free kit of Sensair Bluetooth Tire pressure monitoring systems with all complete Beringer kit purchases. For the RV10/14A this will include 3 monitors. For the RV14TW, this will include 2 monitors. Value of this promotion is between $500 and $750 depending on if it is a TW or NW aircraft.

We are currently awaiting the updated 2024 price list from Beringer, but this is the opportunity to take advantage of 2023 pricing and a free Sensair system.

We also have several new products and projects in the works. Though we are still 8 months away, we are already planning for Osh '24 and have expanded our presence with an additional 3rd booth space.

Once again thank you to each and every one of you. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of your builds now and in the years ahead.