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Any RV-ers around Sydney: I'm visiting.


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Hi All,
I'm on a business trip to Sydney and had to extend my trip with a week. This means that I have the weekend to 'kill time'. Nothing would be better than to spend time meeting a fellow RV-er. I'm staying downtown Sydney (George Street) and would be available this Saturday the 18th or Sunday the 19th.
I fly an RV-8 out of KGAI (near Washington DC). If we go fly, I'll pay for the fuel.
Best regards.
Arjan Plomp
+1 301 437 0423 (currently on Sydney time!).

Welcome to Australia!

I think the best option would be to visit Hoxton Park airport on Sunday. Without trawling through the sordid detail we are losing one of our GA airports, later this year. Hoxton Park.


Sunday from noon there is to be a wake, well it may turn out to be a protest as well. I don't know how many are expected nor what is planned but I am expecting an interesting afternoon.

I am aware of several RVs intending to fly in and there are several still located on the field.

See if you can talk someone into taking you in a a run down 'Victor One'. This is a 500' VFR run down the Sydney coastline and if ATC are not too busy you can get a Scenic flight to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The is a truly spectacular flight.

Pity my RV is not flying yet - I'd take you myself.

Our harbour and beaches are not to be missed either. Bus or walk down to Circular Quay and catch a ferry to Manly. At Manly walk down The Corso to Manly beach and go for a swim! Have an early dinner at a Manly restaraunt (sorry I cannot recommend one since I'm not from the area) a take the ferry back a dusk.

Relax and enjoy this great city!

Looking forward to meeting you o Sunday....

BTW do you have transport?

Doug Gray
Hi Doug,
I don't have transport as the hotel is 2 blocks from the company I'm visiting. However, I can probably arrange for transport and should get a rental car for the weekend. Would be nice if I could make it to Hoxton Park.
Best regards,
Easiest route would be Eastern Distributor (south - join at Bent Street a couple of blocks east from George Street), join the M5 after passing under Sydney Airport runways and then M7 near Liverpool. Take the Cowpasture Rd exit, turn right and an immediate first left into the airport entrance.

The M5 to M7 intersection is poorly signed - exit M5 to the left but stay in the RH exit lane, this joins the M7.

I'm not sure how the tolls work with the rental cars.

I'll be wearing a brown Acubra hat!

Have great weekend -
Hi Doug,
Thanks for the directions. I'm going to try my best to be there: something else (work related) came up, but hope to being able to finish that in the morning.