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Amazon Ranch


fugio ergo sum
How would you like to own hundreds of square miles of West Texas ranch land and have the money to do pretty much whatever you like on that land? Some of Jeff Bezos' projects do seem fun.

One is The Long Now, a gigantic clock inside the Sierra Diablo Range. I photograph it from time to time but don't see much change since the project is inside the mountain.


This is how it looked today. Not much difference over the past few years. I did notice the mine type operation at the base of the mountain, below the clock site, is looking a lot different.


The proximity to the clock leads me to believe it has something to do with that project but I don't have any good ideas what the purpose is.

Another project, just east of the clock is Blue Origin. I have published many photos of this site over the years. There is usually something new there.

Last week we were getting "Space Flight" TFRs every day but those days were windy until Wednesday. It happens that on Wednesday I was flying right along the edge of the TFR and I made sure to have my camera. I didn't see the launch and have no idea when it happened but I thought it might be fun to look for the site where the booster impacted.

Previously, I was able to find a crash site but that was a case where the craft was blown up at low altitude. The burn scars made it easy to find. The craft made it to over 300,000 feet on Wednesday and presumably consumed all its fuel. This made me pessimistic about finding the impact crater in the 180 square mile TFR area.

I looked around a while then turned for home when all of a sudden there it was just to my left. On a previous occasion I was instructed to "call center" after poking around in this area and I was afraid it would happen today. So far, no problems.


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Great find Larry!

"As always, shoudl you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions..."

Thanks Larry! Appartently you are saving us all $8 per month since you give us these great updates for free - instead of us having to be members.:D