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Originally Posted by 00Dan View Post
Did some testing today. After takeoff I pitched down and accelerated to 2500 RPM. This resulted in 11 GPH.

At 8500’ I performed a lean test. Engine was in steady cruise at full throttle, 21.1” and 2640 RPM. OAT 33 dF.

At full rich fuel flow was 10.5 GPH. Full rich EGTs:

#1: 1390 dF
#2 1390 dF
#3 1520 dF
#4: 1460 dF

When leaning #3 was the first to peak at 1570 dF, approximately 9 GPH.
WOW. 50* ROP at 8000 with full rich is quite lean. seems a jet change is in order, assuming you have confirmed that the mixture cable installation is allowing the arm on the carb to go full travel. Down low, WOT and 2500 should be well north of 11 GPH.

If I recall corrctly, I drilled out my jet to 38 or 39 and it is too rich at low altitude clmbs. I manually lean to a target EGT.

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