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Default Preview plans

Originally Posted by jls32 View Post
I'm a new builder and ordered the empenage kit. I expected there to be a nice manual, bound, with all the drawings. I got a USB and only the tail docs included. In short, I thought the "Preview Plans" would be included.

Is it worth paying $55 to have Vans print them out nicely and bind them? Is there anything I'm missing? Some of the pages seem to be 8.5x11 and others 17x11 with side by side pages, so it's kind of a mess to print.
In my opinion, yes. However, as you mentioned, printing is a mess. Some pages are landscape, some portrait, some 8.5x11, some 11x17. It's tough just printing revisions.
I have an extra Preview Plans Manual if you want it. I don't use it. You may have to print some of the revisions for it. Shoot me an e-mail or come up. I'm building a 7A in Estes Park.
You will get full size plans, ~24x36, with each kit. Buil a plans easel somewhere in the shop.
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