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Default practice

Rudder control is like any other motor skill - it requires practice. The challenge is that if you don't have a taildragger yourself or a huge budget to fly someone else's with an instructor, it's hard to practice.

I spent a few aviation money units on a nice VR PC with good rudder pedals and I feel it helped me a lot. I used DCS with the Christen Eagle II, Spitfire, P-51, and a few other taildraggers and it helped train the "foot-eye" coordination. Lots of taxiing, starting down the runway and aborting, and "engine out" with a quick turnback to a landing. I have probably a few hundred landings on the sim. And yes, if you do it wrong, you'll ground loop or end up in the grass or drag a wingtip - but you just start again.

Flying my RV-8, when I think about my feet I'm terrible. When I just let my feet do what they need to do I track straight down the runway. The automatic part comes after lots of practice.

I'm still pretty timid when it comes to braking - something I need to practice a bit more - I had to brake for my landing performance tests, but I certainly could have gone a bit harder. I really don't want to buy a new prop, so I'll work up to hard braking slowly. Also, since all my tests are at MTOW I suspect it will behave differently when empty and the tail is a lot lighter.
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