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Default Last action before advancing the throttle should be a control check

During the 1950?s there was a gentleman who took his lady friend on a flight in a tandem aircraft. As they took off his controls were jammed and they stalled and crashed with an ensuing fire. Both occupants survived a short while before succumbing that day. The cause of the accident is the lady had worn high heels for the date. While getting into the aircraft unbeknownst to either person the very bottom of her high heel came off leaving the little nail protruding from her heel. As she sat down, the nail penetrated the flooring and pinned the control cable in one spot. That resulted in the loss of control on takeoff unfortunately. Crazy things did and can happen. I suggest the last thing you do before slipping the surly bonds is a complete control check just prior to advancing the throttle. Be safe out there!
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