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I just want to amplify DanHís point about brakes.

There was a mishap discussion recently in one of the flying magazines. Improper use of the brakes. I donít remember the details of the mishap, but the gist was that the pilot had been trained to not use them, and then when he needed them, he used them poorly and caused the accident.

I try to treat every landing as if it was a short-field landing so I brake firmly. And yes, if I am a little rusty and I have someone in the back seat, I get a little snakey once in a while as I move my feet up onto the brakes and apply them unsymmetrically. That is good drill-wakes you up right quick.

Despite my frequent firm use of the brakes the pads still last 250 hrs.

In early training certainly the brakes are an unwanted complication. But once basic landing control is mastered it is good to start learning to use the brakes. Once in a while you will need them.
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