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Originally Posted by JDA_BTR View Post
The reason I was asking was because I didn't mount any antennas at the tailcone since my transponder handles ADSB in with only one antenna. So I got the bright idea to install a 2m ham antenna. A Delta-pop Com antenna was modified for 144-148MHz and it fits that spot perfectly. But will it hit on landing?

It is about 11" high at the tip, and the bend is a few inches lower.

Thanks for the EFIS tip, my max pitch on landing is 7 degrees. Using the RV14A drawings there is 19" of ground separation where the antenna mounts, so it won't drag. At 10 degrees it will just touch. I'll check my drawing dimensions against the actual plane next time at the hangar. But the paper check is a go.

I will describe the 2m setup in more detail after I have all the kinks worked out. I am using a radio that works like a cell phone with my headset bluetooth so I don't have to incorporate anything through the panel.
Yeah, good question. My friend as a 7a and allowed a friend to fly it. On landing hit a gust and he pulled up and touched the rudder bottom. You can pull a string from the wheel pivot point to see what hits first, then you can select what you want to fix if it happens.

I was thinking about a 2M rig too, good idea. Let us see the final result!!

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