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Default Experience w/Copper vs Iridium Plugs?

I've done a fair bit of searching and pouring through the forum looking for this data but does anyone have actual anecdotal evidence from running standard automotive plugs and then switching to iridium plugs?

I have an RV-8 with an IO-360-M1B running dual P-mags with automotive plugs. Time to change them out and I am considering switching to iridium based on listening to Mike Busch's very interesting webinar on Diagnosing Engine Roughness, of all things. Sounds like the science suggests that you should be able to smoothly run further lean of peak with them due to less cycle-to-cycle variation resulting from the more even early flame kernel nucleation you get with the spark from iridium plugs.
Highly recommend this webinar it if you haven't listened to it yet.

I know opinions on iridium plugs are quite mixed. Even with swapping them out every 100 hours, you could quickly recoup the additional costs if you are able to smoothly burn, say, a 0.5 gph less on the LOP side in cruise. Wondering if anyone has seen any such results in flight.
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