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Default Don't Drink Alodine

Just a reminder about Alodine and contact with your skin.

I've worked with Alodine for many years, but never had a problem / exposure until yesterday------

Last night, I removed my gloves after alodining some empennage parts (which took about 30 minutes in total). I noticed I had a pin hole in my right glove when I saw the tip of my thumb had turned yellow (like when you've pealed a nice fresh and tasty minneola tangerine).

About 6-7 hours later I felt sick to my stomach and had fever/chills.

Since I never had a problem before and I was at home and there was low risk, I used some cheap latex gloves. I'm sure safety wire nicked them somewhere. Anyway, I've gone back to military chem suit gloves. Maybe overkill, but they're made of Viton Rubber (it says so on the cuff) which has excellent chemical resistance anything I've encountered in aviation. New (Old Stock) they're $2-$5 a pair at just about any Army Surplus store. (Gloves made of Viton from a civilian supplier can be very expensive).

Anyway - just a reminder - especially for you young guys who want a family. And yes I know alodine sucks for the environment and there are new products you can put some ice in and an umbrella on the edge and drink while sitting next to a pool. I encourage you to use them. However, I'm old and should already be dead so I'll stay with what I've got.

Anyway, this morning I looked up the MSDS from Bondrite and was a little shocked to read the "if skin contact" procedure.