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Leg #2

Take-off again on runway 19, outta 2?000 right turn to the border, now flying northeast, heading towards the Swiss National Park. A few hundred turns later, heading has shifted southeast, Silvaplana lakes and the area of St. Moritz to my left. I overfly the famous Piz Bernina flying east.

Heading changes continuously, my eyes have more difficulty in discerning the fine border line on the moving map. Curiously the fine border line running SkyDemon on the iPad mini ain?t the same as the one on the Garmin 375, go figure...
Southeastern border, Piz Combul passed, if flying straight for about 15 minutes I would reach RV-8 Luca?s place at Trento, ciao Luca! I just wave, another time, hopefully.

I now have reached eastmost Switzerland, general heading is to the northwest. Flight conditions have been very good. Little wind, rare at these altitude, in the region of 5-10 knots. One lesson experience taught me is to check the pressure difference between the south and north of the Alps before setting out for a flight. More than 7 hpa difference and I usually postpone a flight. Turbulence can be very interesting in the Alps. Today all good, clouds are forming, but no avoidance required at my altitude.
Minutes later the mountains still defend Switzerland? against friendly Austria. I smile at this thought and make a major navigation mistake: Approaching the Rhine valley, I make a direct right turn instead of flying towards Bad Ragaz. I thereby annex the Lichtenstein principality into Switzerland Oh well, since they speak the same langage and their aircraft are Swiss registered, they hopefully won?t be too cross about it.
Over Lake Contance, the border to Germany runs in thru the middle of the lake. Another friendly wave to RV-8 Hermann who would be only 20 minutes flying time away, gr?ss dich Hermann. To my right Friedrichshafen and it?s cancelled Aero show.

Some Swiss VAF members work the approach and tower at Z?rich ATC, and I get a spontaneous clearance to enter the airport?s CTR at will and as required by the course. Out goes a big thanks to Alex, Fabian, and Bernie As an aside I have to mention that though the flight wasn?t advertised, the whole local gang was following me live via Flightradar24, thanks to ya all guys. Ok, I will not call you spies anymore
The peninsulas and enclaves of the Swiss-German border close to Schaffhausen make following the border precisely a difficult task, just hanging in there. And another wave, this time to RV-7 formation guru Tobias.

Tiredness has set in, and I?m happy to straddle the Rhein river again and finally spot the cooling tower of Leibstadt, close to my field, the loop is closed!

Done, I'm very tired and happy! I?m thirsty as well, I didn?t have much time drinking off my water bottle. Once out of my craft, a strong sway sets in that will last for a couple of hours? Back home I now realize and feel how tired I am, that beer sure feels good

Life's short... Enjoy

DC aka Dan

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