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Originally Posted by PaulvS View Post
Firstly, I'd want to view and inspect and verify the condition of the kit before buying. That's just due diligence.
Vans may be able to confirm the identity of the original purchaser.
That's kind of the rub. We need to inspect and pay on Saturday in a manner everyone is comfortable with. Wiring the money Friday, sight unseen isn't a happenning thing.
I don't remember if I mentioned I offered to get the check today and send him a picture so he could call my bank and verify that it's authentic, but he didn't like that.

I can't get cash, he won't take a bank check, I am unwilling to wire the funds Friday, other than an escrow I don't see another path forward, and I'm probably not paying $700 to escrow on top of an already not smoking deal. It's too bad, it was very nearly a lucky perfect opportunity

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