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That's good information Bob, and I appreciate you adding it - because I think a lot of folks don't know that the hard-plated cylinders do burn more oil. I am one that believes that if the engine is generally running well, leave it alone, so long as nothing is changing. In this particular case, the engine basically dropped off the cliff in a very short number of hours compressions dropped drastically, and oil consumption shot up....I flew it for 30 hours or so more, watching carefully to see if it was just an anomaly - it wasn't. Since I fly it on long trips and IFR, I decided it was finally time to address it. (Group A's that I have done the AD testing on BTW).

But what I really want to do with this thread is get actual hours in service that people have experienced with the ECI Cerminils. Has anyone gone 2,000 hours?

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