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Originally Posted by ArlingtonRV View Post
I use at least 3 cameras, sometimes others as well.

On the wing I have a GoPro Hero 7 Black mounted underneath on a PlaneAround mount.


You can see it under the wing in the first picture in this thread.

In the cockpit I have a Drift Ghost 4K clamped to the roll bar.

For hand held shots to the sides I use my iPhone 8.
Great Video Steve!!

I am doing research for a first video camera. The mission is multiple, the first panel recording for self evaluation of IFR approaches etc, so being able to see the G3X clearly is required. Second would be external mounting for scenery recording.

Regarding the Drift 4K, it seems the audio is from only the external microphones? Is the FOV adjusted with optics or digital zoom?

It appears the unit can be somewhat controlled by a phone app, does that work well so wrenching around in the cockpit or pre starting video for a wing tip mount can be avoided?
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