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Another interesting front seal design BillL! My current foam seal setup doesn't add any complexity to assembly/disassembly, the flap seal to ring gear underneath the weight ring would've complicated it.

I installed the wife's new dryer yesterday, after uninstalling it from the "free" setup and installation service.... Anyway I used some of the leftover tape from the second installation kit to protect the surface of my prop spacer. I initially used 1 piece making sure the tape joint wasn't being peeled off by the rotation. I ran the engine for a minute and checked the foam seal, just a little smoking. After a couple runs and checks the seal "conformed" to the spacer and no more smoke, you can slightly hear the seal rubbing when turning the prop by hand. There was foam dust everywhere, but a quick blowoff took are of it. Here's the prop spacer/tape/seal interface after 1 trip around the patch.

The seals were slightly trimmed down.

I peeled off the first layer of tape to check for excessive rubbing and to reapply the metal tape without wrinkles. Everything looked good and wiped up easily, I applied 3 pieces of tape this time mostly wrinkle free.

Initial flight tests show 5-10 degrees cooler on CHT's with oil temp the same as prior, although it's only the mid 80's not the mid 90's like several weeks ago. Both upper and lower cowling pressures seem to be up .75-1 inch H2O. Bumpy and clouds weren't cooperating but speeds seem the same. Enough time and fuel on testing, I'll continue to gather more data on upcoming trips.
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