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One of the jobs before riveting the bottom skins on the wing is cutting out the hole for the pitot tube. My pitot tube is non-standard. You can see it here.

And since the RV-3B is not prepunched, there wasn't any sort of hole in which to install it. Fortunately, I'd previously marked the correct location using a short section of the plain strut and the mounting.

All I had to do was cut it out.

A couple of starter holes and an 1/8" bit in a Dremel (try it - it works, not perfectly but it works) gave me this.

A little more and then it was entirely up to hand tools. Here's the hole and the tools. The short section of plain strut was handy, of course, as a gauge.

And with the inspection hole cut-out ring in place,

Another of the jobs is to taper the corners where they overlap. The RV-3B kit comes with full-length top skins so I didn't need to do it there. Wirejock suggested taping off a 3" triangle and that worked okay. I used both a Vixen file and a belt sander. Got to say the Vixen file was gentler. Slower, too. One thing that was hard was getting the corner to taper evenly, and I'm not entirely sure that I really did. Here's my first corner.

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