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Here's a photo showing the left flap being drilled for the hinge.

Since these holes also connect the skin to the spar flange, I drilled it in the Vee jig.

A bit more work and the left flap, like the right, is now drilled to the wing. At this point, though, both flaps need to be deburred, dimpled, countersunk, etc., and then riveted up. There's some work left.

With the flaps off and the flap braces drilled to the skin but not the spar, I removed both ailerons and started work on the aileron gap fairing. The plans call for an RV-3B part, W-323, and Randy Levold recommended the W-824 gap fairing instead. Van's sold me the W-724 which you see below.

While this appears to simplify things, and it does, there are a few bits to consider. First, it's about 6" too long so you'll have to trim one end. Actually you'll have to trim both ends somewhat. Once that's done, it will fit reasonably well, except that a few of the pre-punched rivet holes are in exactly the wrong places. And a few more are almost in the wrong places. Still, it does simplify things and I don't suppose it weighs any more. It might weigh less.

Since its shape is different than the W-323 fairing that's designed for the plane, when I got the fairing clamped in place, I hung the aileron back on and checked. There's ample clearance.

Here's the W-323 part for reference. Notice the nice curve and the flange that's hidden by that curve.

One thing about the W-323 part, is that you'll probably need to trim the ends to fit around the hinges. I'm not sure about that since I haven't seen one, but I suspect that would be necessary.

I realized that I had enough of the electrical parts, things like the alternator, regulator and solenoids, plus a few other parts and have identified some of the others, so that I could start on the electrical diagram. I'm doing it by systems, and now have a draft schematic of the power/starter system and another of the audio system.

I'm following the schematics in "The Aeroelectric Connection" and on the site for the sort of operation I have in mind. These are being tweaked to fit the particular components that I'm accumulating or have chosen. I'm drawing this on a Mac graphics program called "Graphics." It used to be called iDraw but they changed its name. This is a general-purpose drawing (not CAD) program, not a schematic program, and for me that's okay. I can draw something once and copy it all I want and I already know how to use the program.

Right now these schematics are relatively immature. After they grow up some and when I work more on the systems than the airframe, I'll present them.

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