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The ailerons are hung, if you can call a couple clecos at each hinge "hung." I haven't drilled the holes out for bolts yet. They check out with a straight edge lining up the tooling holes as well as fitting my shape jig.

They have ample free movement. Another thing I haven't added yet are the aileron gap fairings. While that's the logical next step, I thought that I'd have a look at the flap mounting process before that. I don't imagine that there's interference between them but it's worth a check, so that's next.

Since I was out at the hangar the other day, I picked up the right wing tip and brought it home. It's white fiberglass. I made a trial fit on the right wing just to have an idea how it fits and what I'll be in for. Since the empennage tips fit so poorly I wasn't expecting much. In fact, that's why I only brought one of them, figuring that would be bad enough, plus I really didn't expect the left wing to be ready for a fit so soon..

You can imagine my surprise when the tip fit very well indeed. Of course it'll need a bit of trimming to clear the aileron hinge and that sort of thing, to be expected, but aside from that it fits great.

This is another thing that I'll postpone. There will be considerably more fiberglass work later and I'll do it all them, just to have fresh resins.

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