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Originally Posted by F1R View Post
Until you take off from a hot, dry prairie runway and land in a secluded, cool, high altitude lake, then you really have not had a taste of what aviation can really do.

The Seawind did not have the tail feathers far enough aft but it did offer a 200 MPH cross country to cover the miles.

The Lake 250 was a very refined hauler with great water and flight handling - but the bulky sponsons provide about 20 kts of drag.

I think a Lake 250 type hull with RV-10 wings would provide 4 seats plus baggage
or 2 seats plus lots of camping gear and baggage ability. Pontoon AC are horrid machines that need 14 to 16 foot tall hangar doors. Flying Boat lake amphibians fit in normal hangars and are aerodynamically CLEAN as soon as they are off the water.

A home built Lake 250 Amphibian that flies at 200 kts but lands at 52 kts would get me on the VANS customer list faster than anything else.
Great except Van's has already stated that the 15 is a High-wing, back country capable (whatever that means) design. So I don't know where amphibian/flying boat comes into the discussion.

Personally, I'd like to see something akin to GlasStar Sportsman, but a little larger with true 4 seats (not 2+2), convertible (or at least buildable) between tricycle, taildragger, or ski/floats, and with a useful load in the 1400-1500 lbs range. I'd be willing to sacrifice some speed to achieve this. If Van's came out with this I'd sell my RV-10 today and plop down a deposit.
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