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Default Suburban

Originally Posted by Jaypratt View Post
You rarely see a C180 land with 4 people.. the cabin usually has 1 or two people, and their gear..
Suburbans are rarely filled either, but people buy them up.

My vote is a 4 cylinder (and my guess is the power plant will be the IO-390 cause it would increase the volume of sales and hopefully lower the price by going to one shared engine type, with the popularity of the 14 already using it) Cessna 177 clone with big doors, four seats (or at least 2+2 seats), constant speed prop, side by side, no struts, tail wheel (for now), top speed around 150kts (but will cruise at 125-135 depending on power setting), stall around 45-50kts. Kind of a diminutive Cessna 180, with the good features of the 172/177 carried over.

I donít think they can out-180 the Cessna 180, but itís a beast and drinks gas. And I think the small tandem or even side-by-side STOL market is covered.

That leaves some sort of upscaled 172, or maybe what the 177 should have been with a proper power plant and Vans design experience.
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