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Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
Thanks, Bill.. so far I have cut down the air-dams and added 2 louvers to the bottom of the cowling. Presently even in take-off climb I'm staying below 400F probably not bad with an OAT of 85f. Next time I pull the top cowl I will look at adding a mod as depicted without pulling the baffle.. Thanks again, Mark C. 119RV
I added my channel without pulling the baffle also. It's not as pretty as Bill's but does the trick. Was able to carefully cut out a section with the dremel and fabricated a cover channel that is secured on top with blind rivets and on the bottom and sides with RTV. Has worked fine so far and I can pretty it up next time the baffles are off.

I see you are injected so this won't apply to you, but...

That being said, the more I fly the more I am learning that the throttle setting has the most effect on the mixture and thus temperature of the cylinders. At full power the most fuel seems to get to the rear cylinders and they stay cooler. At 75% and 3000' the front cylinders are richer and cooler. This is verified when leaning by EGTs. I am going to work on finding which position of the throttle leads to the best mixture distribution; I have a feeling it is around 85-90% open, so I will need to be pretty high to make that a reasonable cruise power.

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