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Default One more reason I love my RV

I just returned home from a grueling 36-hour trip from Ahmedabad, India, through the hellish Bombay airport, a 16-hour flight to the east coast of the US and then a 6-hour transcontinental flight. The long flight from India to the US wasn't the was the *planeload of screaming, bratty toddlers* on the US flight which just about pushed me over the edge. It was like round-robin shrieking, screaming and temper tantrums between 3 or 4 toddlers whose parents were either incapable of controlling them, or oblivious to the extreme irritation their little darlings were imposing on the entire plane.

But come Monday, it's me and MY airplane, departing when *I* want to, for a week of trips with me and my passengers, no pint-sized terror machines. I can't wait for the peacefulness of flying myself for Thanksgiving visits, and not having to deal with surly TSA agents, rotten parents, crappy airline food, etc.

I love my RV. I hate airline travel.

Now, if only I had an RV that I could use on these overseas trips.
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