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Default How to get plane into hangar up ramp slope

I just got a hangar for my RV-12 (a brag-worthy accomplishment in Southern California). I love having the plane in a hangar. But I have to muscle the plane up a slight incline to get it inside. I can do it using a tow bar to push and steer, but it?s very tough. So I am looking for some electric power assistance.

I can install a winch (with a remote control on/off switch) to pull the plane in. But I wonder whether I?d damage the plane if I attach the winch cable to the tail tie-down ring.

I ask about using a winch because it would be dramatically less expensive than an electric airplane tug. Even for a plane as light as an RV-12, the least expensive tug I?ve found is $1,500.

Information about your experience, and your opinions, will be welcomed with thanks.
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