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I have had 2 occasions where I was caught on the flightline in a gullywasher (once with hail ). My new plane leaked like a sieve.

I have sealed all the "easy places", leaving the tip up leading edge for last.
The following is what I recommend for new RV7 builders:
DO NOT FOLLOW VAN INSTRUCTIONS ON DWG 24 by cutting the seal support into 3 pieces. It can be made in one piece, with two slots for the canopy hinges.

I did cut mine originally (but diff from vans and it still leaked). Below I show how I restored that missing cutout and now have a continuous seal on the front.


HERE IS ONE IN PLACE before I drilled and riveted


SPLICED IN THE VANS SUPPLIED GASKET to make it "continuous".

The canopy hinges fit fine in both closed and open positions.
I have not flown or sat in rain since this, but I have high expectations.
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