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Originally Posted by rleffler View Post
Desser and Spruce have them in stock from multiple manufacturers. Desser has better pricing. Iím about to pull the trigger on three new tubes and a tire for the nose wheel. Desser was about $200 less expensive than Spruce. But Spruce does some price matching.

Michelin Airstop 15-6.00 x 6 tube w/ 90 stem. 092-501-0 This is a straight stem tube, not a 90. Dresser doesnít have a 90 on their web page. Just discovered when talking to Spruce about price matching.
Thanks again Bob - $$$ Double the price of the straight valve - unbelievable, but is the way to go moving forward. Now, I can use the access hole as planned and checking pressure will be part of every pre-flight vs just looking at the tire under 1/2Ē of exposed tire under wheel pants.
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