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Hello everyone and thank you for your responses. I have thought about the thermal expansion thing. There is ONE gasket I have not replaced I will try it. I have leaned the pooh out of it when it starts to lump. It just ends up making it to the Idle Cutoff. The engine itself has 30+ hours on it the magnetos were rebuild in 2010-13 or so. Again 30 hours. I have drooled over the very logical and proven design of those SDS seals. (mmmmm tasty) I did end up working on a flange to a inlet tube, but even after that I cant say the hot engine performance changed. Lr172, I'm glad to see you chimed up. I read some of your posts and complaints with the hot idle dysfunction. My injectors are on the top ports. Thank you for saying it's not normal because I have no experience or reference for what is.
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