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Originally Posted by ARV8or View Post
, and hopefully with an RV-8 that they might be willing to use (before I purchase)?
I thought I would have been able to find a listing here on VAF that listed all available RV instructors but I wasn't able to find such a resource.
It?s not the lack of cfi?s, it?s the airplane.
1. EAB aircraft cannot be used for compensation or hire. However, the faa is willing to issue a waiver, explicitly for transition training. Just need to find an owner who will fill out the paperwork.
2. Standard insurance won?t cover dual instruction. Insurance covering dual is expensive. You?re either willing to pay (a lot!) to cover insurance, or find an owner who is willing to go uninsured. I know several cfi?s who have the waiver for (1) but have stopped doing transition training in their airplane due to (2).
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