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Having seen a number of these types of issues with cranks and cylinders, I would say that the manufacturers seldom go down easily. Not that I am implying that anyone does anything untoward, but there is often a difference of opinion as to cause and effect.

Crankshafts should not break in service - ever. They are engineered to last indefinitely. Even to crack due to a previous prop strike is a concern, as that shaft should have been subject to MPI and other inspections. Cold weather? not that either.

As a consumer I am happy for someone else to make a (conservative) call. I am quite certain last time I bought a crank I paid a heavy premium for that level of safety and traceability.

No doubt Superior will come to the party if necessary. There will be some aggravation and cost for some, but if it wasn't like that we would all be flying behind lawn mower engines.
Richard Talbot
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