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Originally Posted by rv6ejguy View Post
This proof of concept engine was running back in 2017:

Yes, lots to prove but that's why they're building the -7.

If nobody ever tries anything new, we'll still be using basically the same stuff as we were in 1950- 75 years on. That doesn't seem like progress to me.

I count 3 new small turbines close to entering the market now. That's cool in my book. I hope at least one succeeds, as lots of hard work, money and thought went into each of them. I say sit back and see how these perform in the coming months/ years.

I applaud the dreamers, engineers and risk takers (financially) here.
Hear hear, well said. All they are asking is to have a look at what they're doing/attempting. If they were saying to put a deposit down or similar then they might deserve the negativity they seem to be getting.

And they didn't start this last week and say we can get this running overnight. They know they have a slog ahead of them. Will they make it, no idea. But thanks for having a crack at it and at worst they may help the next group that tries.
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