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Default Anyone installed the echo UAT/GRT GPS with a G3X?

I am working on another project and have a question regarding G3X and the echo UAT/GRT GPS.

I am very familiar with the GRT stuff but I came across a good deal on a set of G3Xs. One legacy GDU 370 and one GDU 375. All I have are the screens, no supporting equipment. So I am trying to design the avionic infrastructure.

Has anyone hooked up the UAT/GRT GPS with the G3X system? I have that ADS-B solution on my -4 and like it. I would like to do the same with this project to reduce the design time. Did you use the system architecture as shown with EFIS controller or without EFIS controller?

Also, I still don't understand why Garmin equipment is so ridiculously expensive. Over $500 for a simple OAT probe. Can I use a different OAT sensor with the same type of wires? Thank you.
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