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Just to be clear, there is really only one timing curve in the EPI (E/Pmag Ignitions). The "A curve" starts at ~26 degrees BTC and has a max advance of 33.6 degrees. The "B curve" is programmable by the user but the factory default shifts the standard curve an additional 4.2 degrees and caps the max advance at 37.8 degrees over the "A" configuration.

If you put a jumper between terminals #2 and #3 on the EPI, you force them to use configuration "A". Without the jumper, they run the more advanced configuration "B".

Due to how the EPI's are programmed, you can shift the entire curve left or right of the standard "A" curve.

When using the EICommander you remove the jumper and the EICommander sends all the configuration information to the "B" curve. Thus if you are using our device and select the "A" curve, we load the default "A" curve info into the "B" memory area. Same goes with the multiple configurations the EICommander can store locally, when you select a custom configuration, it will move that from the EICommander and place it in the "B" curve memory location.

What I was suggesting to Tony was to modify the "B" configuration by reducing the total shift from 4.2 to 2.8 and set the Max advance at either 36.4 or 35.0. (The EPIs are programed in such a way that you must adjust the timing sifts in jumps of 1.4.)
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