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Originally Posted by apkp777 View Post
So how does one determine if they should remove the jumper? Is there a downside or concern. Currently I only have the MAP hooked up but jumpers still installed.

That is a good question and one that each pilot/owner/operator will have to make on their own.

What I would suggest doing is to connect a PC to each E/P-mag and change the advance to half its current value and split the difference on the max advance between the A and B curves. Go fly it the plane and watch your CHT and EGT's. If all is good, then bump them up again to the full B curve.

Remember, as you change the advance, you will see your CHTs go up and your EGTs go down as you are burning more in your cylinders and there is less fire to go out past the exhaust valve.

Back when I first installed the dual Pmags I simply moved to the full B curve after 20 hours and never looked back. Well, that was until we developed the EICommander.
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