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Originally Posted by E. D. Eliot View Post
Dan, please give us info on the brand name of the paper that you use. Also, if there are any product numbers on that paper, please give that info too. that way, we may order the paper by name and product number .Thanks
Ordinary wet-or-dry sheets for hand-sanding, 3M or Norton, common as dirt. Keep them soaking in your water bucket.

The purple P1500 Trizact clearcoat sanding discs are 3M # 02088. You also need the matching 05551 and 05777 pads to equip the sander:

BTW, don't confuse 3M's "Hookit" with "Hookit II" products...they're not interchangable.

Buffing: 06085 compound and 06064 polish, 05737 and 05738 foam pads:

Your buffer probably has a hook-and-loop backing pad.

Yeah, it's about $250 for all of it, but......

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