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Default it can be done at home

Originally Posted by dwranda View Post
Well I gave up and took it to a machine shop. They didn't have a reamer that size so they tried to use mine. They couldn't get it to cut any deeper either. What are my options? I have a reamed hole that's not deep enough for the pin. Should I drill the hole to the size of the larger end and get one of the close tolerance bolts others have described on VAF? I have bought 2 reamers and don't really want to invest a bunch more in this. I just want to move on!!!! Help!!
Feel free to call me, I'd like to see if I can help, I can loan you my reamer and stone if that helps, I don't assume my reamer is special though. If the material of the leg or engine mount had hardened you would have ruined your drill bit. Cutting with the reamer will not harden the workpiece. I assume the reamer reworked with the dremel is ruined. Sharpening my reamer with the Norton FF724 stone was amazingly quick and effective. My notes are in post 26 of this thread.

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