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Originally Posted by dwranda View Post
Guess I need some help! I have bought 2 reamers and they cut for a moment then just spin around in the hole while doing nothing. I am afraid the leg steel has hardened. I was able to resurrect one reamer with my dremel to produce some chips for a while. I only need to get the pin to insert about another 1/4". Would a machine shop be able to finish this off for me? I'm so tired of messing with it. Wish I would have left it alone and just kept the stock setup but now I have a tapered hole to deal with.
I did this to my tail spike and had the same initial experience. I used a diamond hone plate to touch up the reamer every few rounds after the initial spin. 3-4 swipes on the diamond hone on each flute and ready for another cut. Your bar is still good and the non dremeled reamer is recoverable. Pitch the one you used a dremel on (or see below). Oil, firm pressure and three-four revs or less if it is not feeling like it is cutting. It takes longer to ponder than to do.

While any good machine shop can sharpen the damaged (dremel) reamer, it may cost more than a new one. Unless you have connections, and it is free.

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