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Default Actually rather minimal bending

The bars we used were pretty stiff. The tension is obviously reacted by the contact pressure right at the edge of the bars, but they did not bend much, nor gap very much. The gap at the far edge of the bars was less than 1/4 inch. None of the bolts were bent so much after the test that they could not be pulled through the holes in the bars.

Bolt bending is actually another serious question about the RV-8 gear attachment. The U803 saddles are pretty thin, about 0.25" thick, where they transition into the end blocks. And remember, the end blocks are supposed to have a 0.030" gap to the wear plate when the bolts are torqued. So already the saddle is bent slightly. Under the prying load I am concerned about, that saddle will try to bend even more, causing a combination of double-shear and bending in the bolt shank.

I believe my load fixture put substantially less bending into the bolt than the actual RV-8 assembly. But none of that is relevant for the question of the nut strength.
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