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Default Using the Universal mount

I have an RV-7a, and use the Ram Universal mount. However, I chose to remove the mounting foot at the bottom, and instead, carefully, slowly (not all at once), flatten about 1" of the round aluminum stock to about 3/16" inch thick, and roughly 3/4" wide (trim as necessary), then drilled a hole in the center of this flat spot for a #8 screw. Using the bottom-most, inner #8 screw on the kick-panel on the passenger side (covering the fuel lines), attach the bottom of the mount there.

For additional support (obviously required), use an Adel clamp around the aluminum stock, and attach to one of the upper #8 screws holding this same panel. No drilling in the aircraft required! ...And it's in a fairly little-used spot.

Then, carefully bend the mount to a central location between the seats (and above the fuel selector), and trim to the best height to allow leg clearance underneath while sitting and climbing in and out, yet not to high to be in the way of any controls, or panel access. Use whatever cradle is best for your iPad. I use one of the sliding, spring adjusting mounts for easy insertion/extraction.

This position works out well, and it's not too hard to route a charging cable (from a cigarette lighter power source -- no, I don't smoke ) under the panel to the iPad (if you install the iPad in the cradle upside down it's a shorter run) without much cable being exposed to catch on things.

One thing to get used too, is the need to go under the iPad cradle to get too the fuel selector - I don't even notice this anymore. Also, keep something like a soft cloth handy to clean the iPad, and also cover it from prolonged direct sun-light while parked. It will heat up and turn off! ...not so

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