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Default Rudi's RV ZULU-X's Panel is done!

Merry XMAS everyone, and Merry XMAS to me too! It was a UBER RV week :twisted: (as Jan would say!) I finished the Panel on the 24th just before Xmas, so nice present to me

This entire panel is all home grown in my garage, fully redundant, full backup, everything trip switch protected, duel busses, standby batteries, the worx, state of the EXPERIMENTAL art.

Cutting the panel. Easy to do it when it only requires a couple of square holes

Trial fitting left panel EFIS and IPHONE, Right panel in the background

Trial fitting the IPAD mount. I ground away the rear of the RAM Mounts so they can fit flusher

The Wiring all done, tidied up the best one can, and labelled.

Almost there...

Done! The side wires will get closed when the upholstery gets done

The screens powered up and no smoke

A Closer look at the left hand panel, notice the RGB LED strip under glareshield. It can go RED for Map reading or White for cockpit lighting, all on a single switch and dim.

A Closer look at the right hand panel

I am very proud how my home grown panel turned out.

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