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I reversed the bolt on mine. Just be sure the cotter pin doesn't have ability to catch your shoe.

Originally Posted by SRCP2019 View Post
Hello all

First post here, really enjoying the forum; I learn something new every time I log in. Just picked up my new-to-me RV-8, absolutely love it. Decided to move the ground adjustable rudder pedals a notch aft and discovered that the right rudder pedal attach bolt/cotter pin/castle nut had been rubbing against the bulkhead that divides the footwell from the front baggage area. It had actually gouged an arc about 3? long and 3/4? wide completely through the aluminum into the baggage area.

My thoughts to fix:
1. Turn bolt around and insert from outside, but I?m concerned about snagging the nut and cotter pin on inside of rudder pedal with shoes or boots when using rudder.
2. Cut wider slot in bulkhead around where it was gouged, and fabricate a box to cover cutout and attach to baggage area side.
3. ??

Has anyone else seen this?

Standing by for solutions that should have been obvious to me...
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