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Without looking at the entire thing I can't make an informed opinion on why but I assume that the bolt you are talking about is an AN23 clevis bolt per the plans. I think you are on the right track that turning that around could create something to grab your shoes so it would be inadvisable. Do you have pictures of the general area?
If it were me, I would figure out why it is happening and correct it. There has to be something about your airframe that is different because there are lots of these aircraft out there that don't have this problem.
The easiest place to start is just comparing your aircraft against the construction drawings. If you don't have the set of drawings you can order them from Vans in an electronic format that is fully searchable for very reasonable cost (like $10 I think).
Once you figure out what the issue is and correct it you can replace the baggage wall with a new one and it will probably cost more to ship it than the part costs.
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