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Default Fitting Tip Lenses


I'd like to confirm my plan for fitting the wing tip lenses on my -9A. FWIW I'm using the AeroLED lights, so have the modified tips made with a bigger cut-out. These have already been glassed into place. I've done a search and found lots of advice on cutting the lenses but haven't found anything on fitting them.

So - I've got the lenses cut and nearly fit the way I want them. But they do not come close to matching the contour/height of the outside of the tip when I set them into place on lip of the cut out. They are proud of the tip contour by up to 1/8th inch in some places. (Nearly flush in others.)

My plan is to use tape to protect the lenses, install them, then use profil to build up the surface of the tip to make it flush with the entire edge of the lens. Sounds straightforward to me, but quite a bit of work to make it right. but I'm wondering if others have done the same? Or is there another method? Or have you just gone with the misfair and moved on.

Thanks for any advice or pics.
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