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jacknife 06-23-2021 10:48 AM

Shoulder Harness
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Here's what I've done to try and come close to the AC 43 recommendations on shoulder harnesses. I don't like the individual shoulder loops on the bar and folks have reported one shoulder slipping out on asymmetrical decelerations.
Not particularly elegant but satisfies the "webbing guide positions dual shoulder belts in the middle of the occupants shoulders".


Low Pass 06-23-2021 01:53 PM

I personally wouldn't care for the rubbing on my neck from the centrally mounted strap. But that's me. Also, I don't find the separate shoulder attachment to be an issue in flight when the straps are tight/semi tight. But they do fall off when loosened on the ground. In the past, I've used a lanyard with a plastic clip to keep the shoulder straps from falling down. Using nothing now with my latest set of harnesses.

Noting your device for keeping the belts centered, I use a tie wrap though a piece of 1/4" silicone tubing. Minimal, light, works well.

2 cents

rv8ch 06-23-2021 03:02 PM

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Originally Posted by jacknife (Post 1535048)
Here's what I've done to try and come close to the AC 43 recommendations on shoulder harnesses. ...

Thanks for bringing this up - I have to confess I didn't read this section of the AC 43.13 very closely. It looks like the standard RV-8 design is ok based on this diagram. Perhaps I'm misreading this?

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Saville 06-24-2021 05:57 AM

I always wear a collared shirt when flying so that I can raise the collar and protect my neck from the strap edges.

I use a cable tie to keep the two straps together on the bar but the assembly can still slide along the bar. I have to remember to center it before laying the straps off to the side when getting in.

I've had thoughts of some sort of retention mechanism to keep the straps centered but it's a low priority item.

jacknife 06-25-2021 12:47 PM

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I brought this forward because it's part of my survival strategy flying where I do. My Lycoming engine is the best that money can buy but if it fails I'm into some rough terrain or the drink. With the excellent RV8 crash cage and a strong well anchored restraint system capable of up to 9g if I hit the deck at 50mph I will stop in 10 feet. If I hit at 100mph I'm still stopped in under 40 feet at the full 9g. The straps Van's sells are light weight and very strong (2500 lb break strength) and because I don't do a lot of aero they are all I need. As an aside if you do do a lot of aerobatics I would image you would double up on the safety harnesses like the pros.

I have learned Soooo much on this great aviator's website I'm just hoping to give back a little.


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