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mfleming 08-31-2020 04:53 PM

VAF Image Hosting Sizing
DR can delete this post if it's out of line :rolleyes:

VAF now allows images to be hosted without using a third party hosting sight. This is great.

I noticed that many have been uploading very large image files. One recent post had about 6 images at 12MB apiece :eek:
These images could easily been resized to below 100KB. I'm guessing and I may be wrong but it seems to me continued uploading of these horrendously large files will break the bank.

Not to mention how us poor rural folks with limited internet speed will have to drink at least one beer per image waiting for them to display ;)

Maybe Doug has a solution that makes my concerns irrelevant. Hopefully Doug or a moderator will chime in and give us some guidance.

flion 08-31-2020 07:47 PM

It's always a good idea to resize images for online work, and it's not very hard to do. My old Sony digital cameras produced native images at 2048x1535 pixels for a file size of about 1.08Mb. Oddly, just opening them in MS Paint and re-saving them would reduce the file size, but also selecting a 50% reduction produced an approximate 96Kb file size. These days, my phone has much higher resolution and produces images at 4032x3024 pixels and 3.51Mb! Resizing them at 30% gives a 1210x908 image at less than half a megabyte. I find that jpeg is still the winning format; png seems to inflate the file size.

I just use MS Paint because all I am doing is using the resize function, but there are many editors out there, both free (Gimp) and paid for (Photoshop) that can do the same thing and let you do other tasks. Paint has also proven sufficient to do things like put colored circles and arrows in images for emphasis (hums "Alice's Restaurant" ;) ). You can also use the crop function if you need the high resolution but don't need the whole picture, which also helps with file size. I keep my modified images in a separate folder from the originals so there is little chance of losing the original detail, should I need it at a different date. Since just the RV-10 project is running to over 2000 photos (and not done yet), you can see that the raw images take up a huge amount of space. No way would I try to put that online.

PCHunt 08-31-2020 07:53 PM

Any idea why the images sometimes get rotated 90 degrees?

rv6ejguy 08-31-2020 08:18 PM

For online images like here 800 X 600 or 1000 X 750 is probably fine in most cases and less than 200Kb file size. No need to post 3000 X 2000 pixel multi Mb photos which just eat up space and take longer to download.

Learning to use a photo editor isn't difficult.

I doubt if folks are using 36 inch high res monitors...

Scott Hersha 08-31-2020 08:19 PM

Iím also interested in how to eliminate the 90* shift. Plus, my choices are: small/medium/large. No reference to pixels or mb. Any idea what would be best?

emsvitil 08-31-2020 09:17 PM

1 Attachment(s)
testing pic

looks like uploading will reduce until the max (width or height) is 2048

Don't see any small/med/large options when uploading

My original file size was 866KB, it's now 139KB

SPX 09-01-2020 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by PCHunt (Post 1458938)
Any idea why the images sometimes get rotated 90 degrees?

It's an iPhone/iPad thing. You can read about it here.

rv8ch 09-01-2020 02:45 AM

EXIF "orientation" field ignored

Originally Posted by SPX (Post 1458986)
It's an iPhone/iPad thing. You can read about it here.

The way that Apple does this is technically the "right" way, but many applications don't read the image EXIF data and then render the photo correctly.

The camera in the device only has one "correct" orientation, so when you take a photo, the device says "to display this photo correctly, you should rotate it 0/90/180/270 degrees". It does this using some metadata stored in the image called EXIF. Upload an image direct from your phone or tablet to this site to see all this information.

The field that decides how the image needs to be rotated to render it as you took it is called "orientation". If a program displaying the image does not take this value into account, it will be oriented in line with the physical camera, not the way the phone was oriented. You can see this on this website where sometimes the thumbnail is wrong, but the full image is correct.

The ugly "workaround" is to manually edit your photos which actually moves the image so that the orientation is set to the default, so programs that don't look at the exif data will still render the picture as you intended. This problem will be resolved by software upgrades eventually, some developers are faster than others.

Snowflake 09-01-2020 07:24 AM

There have been many Image Resizer tools over the years that would let you right-click on image files in your file browser and create reduced size versions easily. This is the latest incarnation of a tool that was started at Microsoft:

It's possible to have any image uploaded to VAF resized automatically on the server when it's uploaded.

bkervaski 09-01-2020 07:42 AM

The current vBulletin does do some resizing, it's setup with some modest restraints.

The vBulletin version is use is circa 2005 .. the newest version, once we do the upgrade, has a lot more flexibility.

The first attempt at the upgrade was a total mess so it may take some time :o

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