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What did you do with your RV this weekend? (2.10-11.2024)


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...getting this weekend's thread started. Raining here in DFW (and I'm studying BE300 limitations anyway). Ugh. <g>.
Post some RV activities going on to motivate me <g>!!!! I miss my RV (I think it's pissed at me).

PS: I'm spending Saturday tweaking my King Air 350 W&B spreadsheet for my upcoming side hustle checkride. Phone accessible <g>.
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Friend from ppl training and one of our CFI’s met up at Stearman (1K1) to catch up and do a short flight with our 6A and 14A. Shout out to Caleb and Joseph from Marsh Flying Service to getting us certified, hooked on and into Van’s!


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My wife and I enjoyed the NZSAA Sport Aircraft Fly-in in Whakatane this weekend. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to the event however we managed to make the nearly 800 nm flight up and back without too much drama. I would have preferred not to have endured the solid 20 knot headwind all the way home. It got a bit rough in places. This was the first visit to the North Island for ZK-XTC and we were very proud to finally show her to friends and relatives up that way.

We saw a wide range of weather conditions from clear skies down south to sea fog and rain in the Bay of Plenty, calm conditions in Whitianga and gusty 25 to 30 knots landing at Whanganui... we had it all. I must admit I was wishing I had an autopilot with ALT HOLD for the longer legs. In all we did 11.3 hours over the three days and we loved every minute of it.


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Finally flying again after waiting eight months for our engine to come back from Triad. They did a beautiful job and in fairness, they told me it could be nine months. Airplane flew perfectly and all is good!


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Doing my Condition inspection (annual) early. It is not due till June, but who wants to be doing it during flying season!!!!

I gathered a bunch of checklist from others. Some are horrific; so I made my own.
Nice one hour flight in calm 30 degree air, still plenty of snow over 6000' in Northern AZ.

Raining… again, but can’t neglect the other woman so work on the Winter squawk list. Fitted the oil cooler shutter and TCW servo controller.



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The Thanksgiving invitation from my sister got delayed due to weather and upper respiratory infection, so it was repurposed as a SuperBowl invite. With winter weather and mountains between Savannah and Knoxville, this strongly suggested VFR. Thursday was earlier than I wanted to go, but weather insisted. Easy, two hour flight in smooth air. Came back Wednesday, having given the post-frontal winds a chance to die down. At Savannah at one point, winds at 3,000 were 43 knots. Nice tailwinds today, 1:45 engine on to off. Flightaware showed 217 MPH as highest groundspeed.
The weather ended up great so I flew my dad down to KMOD's monthly pancake breakfast fly-in. This was his first flight in an RV and second flight in any light aircraft whatsoever, so I made sure it was extra gentle w/no surprises. Somehow I had a tailwind both ways. I'm not going to post pictures but I assure you there were RV grins!